Why Soft Skills Matter

Soft SkillsHUNTSVILLE, Ala. (August 25, 2015) — The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) understands that in today's society, it is not enough to just "do" the work. Professionals at various leadership levels also have to be able to effectively communicate and trust others, as well as engage, motivate, and empower employees. Individuals need the hard skills to execute tasks, but also need the soft skills to leverage interpersonal relationships. It is people, not products or processes, that lead change, make good decisions, are influential, and create cultures of team cohesiveness.

Employers should consider promoting the following philosophy to employees…Stop trying to PROVE yourself and Start working to IMPROVE yourself!

Whether an employer invests in the professionals who do the work or those who lead others who do the work, both hard skills and soft skills lead to an increase in productivity and a decrease in cost. Therefore, employers who see the value in investing in their people gain a large return on investment (ROI).

Through our customized corporate training programs, on demand online learning, and specialized short courses, UAH PCS helps individuals, teams, and organizations develop and strengthen leadership skills, improve thinking capacities, and provide a deep learning experience that produces sustainable high-performance results. Participants who attend our programs get the skills they need to perform better, think differently, and lead fearlessly in the 21st Century.

lanefabby 2015About the Author: Lane Fabby, Director of Professional Development – UAH Professional and Continuing Studies. To discuss your customized training needs or learn more about volume discounts, please contact Lane Fabby at 256-824-4430 or at Lane.Fabby@uah.edu.


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