HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (March 20, 2013)Recently announced Director of UAHuntsville Propulsion Center, Dr. Frederick brought together nationally recognized experts in solid rocket propulsion to help lead the future of propulsion through professional training opportunities offered by UAHuntsville Division of Professional and Continuing Studies.

Advanced Solid Rocket Propulsion

A joint NASA/UAHuntsville/Industry initiative resulted in bringing the national experts in solid rocket propulsion to UAHuntsville to educate the next generation of solid rocket motor engineers. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage in an extensive review of solid rocket propulsion. You will learn from recognized specialists about rocket component design and propellant properties leaving the course with information you can apply in your work.

Course Fee includes text "Rocket Propulsion Elements, Eighth Edition."

Topics Include

  • Solid Rocket Motor Overview
  • Solid Rocket Motor Design
  • Ballistic Modeling and Burn Rate
  • Propellant Fundamentals
  • Combustion and Two-Phase-Flow
  • Propellant Grain Design
  • Motor Case Design
  • Thermal Protection and Insulation
  • Nozzle Design
  • Igniter Design
  • Motor Manufacturing
  • Motor Demo and Performance
  • System Engineering and Trades
  • Motor Failure
  • Solid Rocket Motor Project

Includes Presentations by Dan Meyer, Sam Schlueter, Carol Campbell, Jim Kliegel, McKay Anderson, Roger Wright, Doug Brinton, Joe Koo, Russ Ellis, Rob Black, Paul Willoughby, Ed Casillas, and Al McDonald.

Undergraduate degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.

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