First students earn Aegis Combat System certificates in UAH/Boeing program

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- The first class of 44 students recently graduated from an Aegis Combat System Certificate program established last fall by Boeing and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

"The students who have completed this course now have a deeper understanding of Aegis and other ballistic missile defense systems," said Greg Hyslop, Boeing Strategic Missile & Defense Systems vice president and general manager. "Their expertise will be a valuable asset in their efforts to support the Navy's future missions."

The program is designed to provide a broad understanding of the U.S. Navy Aegis system's history and missions, as well as a high-level study. The program consists of four courses that establish a foundation in naval language; Aegis systems engineering; weapon and combat system elements; and future strategies.

UAH began the ACS Certificate program in collaboration with the Boeing Learning Together tuition assistance program.

"UAH values opportunities to collaborate with industry to provide professional education that supports evolving 

program requirements and the latest technologies," said Karen Clanton, director of the UAH Division of Professional and Continuing Studies. "Boeing's ongoing priority of training its workforce for the future has provided numerous opportunities for UAH and Boeing partnerships, and the Aegis Combat System Certificate Program is definitely a prime example."



Author:  Kenneth Kesner

Originally published by Huntsville Times May 23, 2012: