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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (April 6, 2016) — The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) is increasingly being asked to custom design and deliver Leadership Development training for Senior Executives, Mid-level Managers, High Potentials, and Young Professionals. Companies such as Radiance Technologies and Sentar, Inc. understand the value and return on investing in their people. All levels of leaders are seeking to be equipped with better communication skills, critical thinking skills, and effective decision-making skills in order to increase performance, productivity, engagement, and meet growth goals.

"We have individually (within our organizations) and collectively as a senior leadership team been utilizing the tools we learned and are excited that the training has provided RESULTS that can be seen."
Bridget Abashian, President, Catalyst & CEO Sentar, Inc.

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Photographed is Ms. Lane Fabby facilitating High Potentials at Radiance Technologies.

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In today’s society, it is not enough to just “do” the work — senior leaders and managers have to effectively share their vision, motivate employees, create alignment, be influential, and lead change. In order to get the desired behaviors and results from all levels of leaders, the focus must go beyond skill sets and below the surface on the underlying components of beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, in order to experience changed outcomes and behaviors in individuals, teams, and organizations, the change starts with belief systems and thinking, which is the driver for sustainable changed results. And companies want results!

To ensure training is not just a check in the box and that individuals don’t go back to work after receiving training to “business as usual,” UAH PCS provides a deep learning experience through strong facilitation that includes experiential learning (i.e. learning through experience) moving the learning out of the training room and into workplace scenarios that mirror reality. Through a series of interactive team exercises in the classroom, participants remember the application tools they learned and can apply in their jobs long after the training ends. Additionally, post event 1:1 executive coaching helps hold participants accountable for changed behaviors as well as to ensure personal goals are being met.

As Research Park companies strive to experience success and high growth rates, leadership development training for all levels of leaders is imperative. Improving organizational efficiency, retention, productivity, and performance provides a decrease in cost so investing in their people has a high return on investment (ROI).

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For companies who value their people and want to discuss specific training needs, please contact Lane Fabby, Director of Professional Development at UAH, by phone at 256-824-4430 or by email at Lane.Fabby@uah.edu, to discuss your specific training needs.


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