Join us for Weekly Bonuses, lectures, and other cultural and special events which are offered free or at minimal cost.  Enjoy light refreshments and socializing with OLLI friends before each Weekly Bonus in the lounge, WIL 152D. Click on the event details for more information, or call 256.824.6183.

OLLI Students: Arrive Early for Your Parking Convenience

We encourage our OLLI students to arrive early for their parking convenience, and to remember to have their OLLI parking permits displayed on their vehicles.

OLLI parking permits are a special benefit limited to OLLI members for participating in OLLI on-campus activities only.

OLLI and UAH Community events available to you include:

Popcorn & a Movie: On the Basis of Sex

9/6/19 | Fri | 10:30 am | WIL 152

The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights, and the early cases of her historic career that lead to her nomination and confirmation as U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Open to OLLI members


Event: Cook Museum of Natural Science Tour

9/10/19 | Tue | 1:00 pm & 1:30 pm | Cook Museum of Natural Science

A new multi-million dollar museum featuring the natural wonders of Alabama and the South-east. Explore a recreated cave system; marvel at the marine life of a coral reef; wonder at the beauty and habitat of the delicate Moon Jelly, at the Tennessee Valley’s latest attraction. Cost is $17 per person and you must pre-register at POC: Jane McBride,

Check out our Facebook event! Let your OLLI at UAH friends know you'll be going.

Open to OLLI members


Event: Dining Out MIG

9/17/19 | Tues | 5:30 pm | Fresko Grille

Come and join the Dining Out MIG for a new dining experience. Locally owned Fresko Grille is located at 3414  Governors Drive in the new Stovehouse complex. It features a fresh a la carte Mediterranean menu with Vegan options. Sign up online or in the OLLI Volunteer Office, WIL 151. POC: Sandra Dabrowski,

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: The New Deal in AL - Skyline Farms, Rebecca Duke

9/20/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

The legacy of the New Deal programs is evident across our state - through state parks, bridges, and other public buildings. Learn about one of the communities that was created for out-of-work farmers and their families in Jackson County.

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: Oral Health for a Healthy Body, Dr. Sonya Wintzell

9/27/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

A healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body! Oral health can also give you important clues about your overall wellbeing. Discover techniques for maintaining your oral health and how to care for your teeth for a lifetime!

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: The Human Trafficking Crisis, Chuck Helms

10/4/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

Human Trafficking is occurring in epidemic proportions in the Unites States and even within our state. What does it mean and what can you do? Learn about Human Trafficking, the signs to look for and ways to report a crime.

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: Exploring the U.S. Space Program, Dr. Deborah Barnhart

10/11/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

In the 1950s, a team of rocket scientists transformed Huntsville into the fascinating center of technology it is today. Learn more about the history and how the U.S. Space & Rocket Center continues their mission!

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: Plan for the Future Today, John Wynn

10/18/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

While estate planning may seem complicated, it is not only for the wealthy or for those in their later years! If you own property, you need an estate plan. Join us to learn how you can leave a lasting legacy.

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Barbara and Gary Hitt

10/25/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

Take an adventure to Rwanda and Uganda with this travelogue. Witness the challenging climb to the top of a mountain to see gorillas, other African wildlife, as well as, some of the local people. Explore visits to a school and a pygmy tribe.

Open to OLLI members


Bonus: Successful Aging for Everyone, Pam Frazier

11/01/19 | Fri | 11:00 am | WIL 168

Health, happiness, exercise, nutrition... there are many factors that contribute to the aging proces. Discover a range of wellness tips that enhance your quality of life and get even better with age!

Open to OLLI members


Event: Polaris Industries Tour

11/19/19 | Tue | 9:30 am & 11:00 am | Polaris Industries Tour

Discover what it takes to build Polaris' ATV's, motorcycles and the innovative Slingshot! Sign up online or in the OLLI Volunteer Office, WIL 151. POC: Linda Lowe,

Open to OLLI members