Proposal Title

Cruz-Vera, Luis

Biological Science

Differential Centrifugation: A Method to isolate cellular components for detail studies on gene expression and macromolecular structures

Duan, Lingze


Precise Control of Optical Field in Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Heerkuisen, Jacob

Space Science

CSPAR Cluster Access Upgrade

Hollingsworth, D.K.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computational Study of Heat Transfer due to Sliding Bubbles in a Mini-Channel

Knupp, Kevin

Atmospheric Science

Infrastructure Improvements for the UAH Mobile Integrated Profiling System

Nair, Udaysankar

Atmospheric Science

Micro Sensor Systems Laboratory (MSSL) - Harnessing Machine-to-Machine Technology for Environmental Research and Applications

Price, Jodi


Giving New Life to the Lifelong Learning Lab

Sadeghi, Seyed


Single molecule/nanoparticle imaging and spectroscopy system for investigation of fundamental science and applications of nanoparticles

Smith, Derrick


Establishment of the STEM-VI Mathematics Research Laboratory Infrastructure

Xu, Kunning

Propulsion Research Center

Microwave Turning and Diagnostic Equipment to Enable Microwave Plasma and Combustion Research

Zhou, Hongyu

Civil Engineering

Establishing the Infrastructure Hazard Mitigation and Intelligent Materials Laboratory for Interactive Research on Civil Structures and Infrastructural Materials

Zhu, Feng

Computer Science

An Infrastructure for Cybersecurity and Privacy Research in the Post-PC era