Center/ Department

Proposal Title

Bonamente, Max


A three-dimensional view of Galaxy Clusters - Accurate Measurement of Cluster Masses for Cosmological Applications

Chronis, Themistoklis


Exploiting Lightning-weather radar Information Towards improved severe weather warnings (ELITE)

Duan, Lingze


Sol-Gel Fabrication of II-VI Quantum Dot Sensors for Ultrafast Photonics Research

Kang, Chang-kwon

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Time-accurate, Analytic Model of Lift on Flexible Flapping Wings in Forward Flight

Knight, Kyle


Climate Change Public Opinion and Perception: A Comparative International Investigation

Knupp, Kevin

Atmospheric  Science

Preliminary investigations of topographic influences on boundary layer airflow and tornadoes

McFeeters, Hana


Reactivation of HIV-1 Latent Reservoirs by Scytovirin: Overcoming the Barrier to Cure

Ravindran, S.S.

Propulsion Research Center

POD Closure Models for Prediction and Control of Turbulent Flows

Scholz, Carmen


Expanding the poly(amino acid) polymer platform: Bioadhesives

Sears, Christine


Citizens of the Seas: Sailors and the Maritime World in the Early Republic

Xing, Xuejing


Equity-based compensation and firm disclosures

Zhou, Hongyu

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Development of a New Generation Bioinspired Multifunctional Composites - From Microstructures to Structural Application

Zhu, Feng

Computer Science

Cybersecurity and Privacy: Attacks and Mitigations below Conscious Awareness