PI Center/Department Title
Gang Li Physics Current Sheet Structures in the Inner Heliosphere
Lingze Duan Physics Atmospheric Delivery of Microwave Clocks using Optical Frequency Combs
Jason Smith Sociology Social Capital, Leading Crowds, and Extracurricular Participation
Babak Shotorban MAE Nonisothermal Large-eddy Simulation of Particle-laden Turbulent Flows through Equilibrium Eulerian Approach
Nicholas Jones Philosophy Metaphysical Foundations and Huayan Buddhism
Jose Betancourt Art/Art History Printed Half-Frame Panoramas
Dawn Bardot MAE Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Femoral Artery Hemodynamic: Simulations and in Vitro Experiments
Moongyu Park Mathematics On Developing and Analyzing mixed Finite Element Methods for the Valuation of Options on Assets with Stochastic Volatilities
Electra Gilchrist Communication Arts Athletic-Academic Advisors' Use of Compliance-Gaining Strategies with College Student-Athletes
Dengpan Liu Economics/Info Sys Dynamic Competition in IT Security Investments: How Not to be the Preferred Target
John Kvach History The Antebellum South and the World, 1790-1870
Zuejing Xing Accounting/Finance Why are IPOs Underpriced? The Role of Institutional Ownership
Jacob Heerikhuisen Physics An Investigation into Heavy Interstellar Neutral Atoms in Heliosphere
Seyed Sadeghi Physics Electromagnetic Control of Quantum Dot Emission Via Metallic
Jody Price Psychology Retrieval-induced forgetting: Does Timing of the Warning Affect the Amount of Forgetting For Younger
Vladimir Florinski Physics Computational Space Physics for Research and Industry (NSF CAREER)