Center/ Department

Proposal Title

Azita Amiri Nursing The Effect of Formaldehyde Exposure During Pregnancy on Fetal Weight
Chien-Pin Chen CME Improving the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Simulation Model for the Optical Wave Propagation through Deep Turbulence Media
Brahmananda Dasgupta CSPAR Chaotic Magnetic Fields: Applications in Physics and Technology
Anna Foy English Recovering the Original Design of James Grainger's The Sugar-Cane (1764)
Robert Frederick PRC Energetic Materials Diagnostics with Real-Time X-Ray Radioscopy (Hiatt)
Joe Gear CAO UAH Dragonfly/Army YPG Test Analysis
Junpeng Guo CAO Perfect Light Trapping for Energy Harvesting and Sensing
Liwu Hsu Marketing Firm Value and Risk in Franchised Channels
Jakobu La Roux CSPAR Investigating the Basic Physics of High Energy Ion Related Space Weather Radiation Hazards
Gang Li CSPAR Flux Tubes in the Solar Wind and Their Effects on the Solar Wind MHD Turbulence
Ying-Cheng Lin CEE Damage-Free Seismic-Resisting HPFRC Building Frame System
Luciano Matzkin Biology Genomic Analysis of Postmating Effects in the Reproductive Tracts and Brains of Cactophili
Robert McFeeters Chemistry Pattern Specific Aromatic Labeling Methodology to Study Membrane Proteins
John Mecikalski ESSC Development of Data Assimilation System of S-band Dual-Polarimetric Doppler Radar Measurements Toward Benefiting the Operational Community
Marieta O'Brien Psychology Understanding Mental Models of Residents for Tornadoes and Protective Actions
David Pan ECE A Novel Adaptive Coding Framework for Efficient Compression of Weather Radar Datas
Mikel Petty CMSA Concurrent Model Validation and Operational Test Using Bayesian Experimental Design
Nikolai Pogorelov CSPAR Magnetized Relativistic Outflows in Astrophysical Objects: New Opportunities of Numerical Modeling with a Multi-Scale Fluid-Kinetic Simulation Suite
Jodi Price Psychology Examining the Impact of Stimulus Characteristics on Younger and Older Adults' Actual and expected Recall Performance
Sarma Rani PRC Combustion Instability Prediction in Rocket Engines through Computational Enhancements in Loci-Chem
Seyed Sadeghi Physics Quantum Detection and Ranging (QuDAR) of Biological Molecules Based on Hybrid Nanoparticle Systems
William Seidler PRC Design and Fabrication of the Magnetic Insulated Transmission Line and Diode Housing for the Charger and Fusion Propulsion Facility
Babak Shotorban MAE Physics-based Modeling of Lofting of Firebands in Wildfires
Nathan Slegers MAE Beneficial Aerodynamic Effect of Butterfly Scales for Micro UAS
Derrick Smith Education Investigating Audio Embossed Graphic Images for Individuals with Visual Impairments and Blindness Using Emerging Technologies
Bruce Stallsmith Biology An Investigation into the Presence and Possible Coevolution of Gill Parasite Infection in Freshwater Fish Populations of Panama and the United States
Wolfram Verlaan Education Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Freedom School Summer Reading Program
Gang Wang MAE Development and Characterization of an Optically Driven Microfluidic Pump Using Carbon Nanotubes
Kunning Xu PRC Electromagnetic Field Effects on Combustion Kinetics and Instabilities
Gary Zank CSPAR Heating the Sun's Atmosphere: a Turbulence Perspective