PI Center/Department Title
James Baird Chemistry A Conductivity Meter for Chemical Reactions in Solutions
Phillip Bitzer COS/ESSC Investigations of High-Speed Lightning Processes using a High Speed Video Camera
Lingze Duan Physics Ultrafast nanophotonics on the optical-cycle scale
Valdimir Florinski CSPAR The CSPAR Supercomputer Initiative
Sara Graves ITSC A Testbed for Innovative Big Data and Cybersecurity Research
Robert Griffin COS/ESSC Proposal to Establish the Earth Science Human Dimensions, Discovery, & Decision-Making (HD30 Lab)
Peter Jenke CSPAR Lanthanum Bromide to Develop High-Energy Gamma-Ray Detectors
Kevin Knupp COS/ATE Replacement Van for the UAH Mobile Integrated Profiling System
Shankar Mahalingam COE A Proposal to Acquire Additional Equipment in Support of the COE HPTC System
George Nelson MAE Effects of Humidity and Temperature on Bio-Battery Performance
Ken-Ichi Nishikawa CSPAR MBP for 3-D visualization of data from relativistic jet simulations
Jeffrey Weimer Chemistry Repair of the Nanoscope III Scanning Probe Microscope at UAH
Kunning Xu PRC RIF Equipment Proposal: Spectroscopy Camera for Optical Emission Measurements in Plasma and Combustion