Robert McFeeters Chemistry Structural Engineering of Scytovirin for Improved Anti-HIV Activity
Nicholaos Jones Philosophy Idealizations in Scientific Explanation
Chris Allport Accounting/Finance Impact of Personality Goals and Incentives on Motivation
Lingze Duan Physics Feasibility Analysis of Using Fiber Fabry-Perot Cavities for Ultrahigh Precision Laser Frequency Stabilization
Feng Zhu Computer Science A Game Theoretical Approach to Optimize Identify Exposure in Pervasive Computing Environments
Luis R. Cruz-Vera Biological Sciences Isolation and Functional Characterization of Enzymes Containing the Essential Peptidy-tRNA Hydrolase Activity in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Babak Shotorban MAE A Robust Two-Fluid Approach for Direct Simulation of Particle-laden Flows
Leslie M. Kauira World Lang/Cultures Research Trip to Madrid, Spain: Domestic Violence in Spanish Literature Written by Men between 1850 and 1925
Jose A. Betancourt Art, Art History and Design Cyanotype Collaboration with Susan Weil
Wafa Hakim Orman Economics & Information Systems Survival of the Strictest? An Experimental Examination of Club Goods
Jeffrey L. Evans MAE Early Stage Oxidation Behavior of Ni-base Alloys
Junpeng Guo ECE Plasmonic Nanostructure Sensors for Enhanced Biochemical Detection
Seyed Sadeghi Physics Plasmonic Quantum Templates for Generation of Energy Flow in nanostructure Assemblies
Samuel S. Thomas History Midwifery, Medicine and Society in Early Modern England
Sandra C. Mediola History Mexico's Dirty War on Street Vendors, 1973-1986
Angela Balla English Religious Poetry and Toleration in Early Modern England
Dengpan Liu Economics & Information Systems Strategic Interaction Between Security and IT-Capacity Investments