Karen Frith Nursing Refinement and Testing of the Nursing Services Dashboard
Emil Jovanov ECE Development of a Real-time Physiological Monitoring Lab
Sundar Christopher ATS/ESSC Satellite Remote Sensing Analysis of Historical Landcover Change and Canal Grass Expansion in the Panama Canal Watershed
Nikolai Porgorelov CSPAR Preparation for the Solar Probe Mission: Modeling Dissipative Outflows
Lui Cruz-Vera Biological Science Inhibiting Peptidyl-tRNA Hydrolase 1: The Foundation for Next Generation Antibiotics
Junpeng Guo ECE Guiding Light with Metal: Ultra-long Range Surface Plasmon-Polariton along Thin Metal Strips
Robert McFeeters LSB Enhancing the Antiviral Properties of the Carbohydrate Binding Entry Inhibitor Scytovirin
Joseph Ng Biological Science Neutron Crystallographic Structure Determination of Inorganic Pyrophophatase from the novel archael hyperthermophile Thermococcus Thioreducens