Principal Investigator



Dr. Udaysankar Nair

Atmospheric Science

Role of Cloud and Mesoscale Processes on the Transport and Fate of Atmospheric Trace Species

Dr. Junpeng Guo

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Collaborative Investigation of Metal Nanostructure Surface Plasmons for Biomedical and Sensor Applications

Dr. Kunning G. Xu

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Research in Rotating Detonation Engine Development

Dr. C.P. Chen

Chemical & Material Engineering

Computational Flow Structure Interaction for Rocket Nozzles

Dr. James Blackmon

Propulsion Research Center

Industry/University Cooperative Graduate Student Research Program: Low Cost Heliostat

Dr. Jason Cassibry

Propulsion Research Center

Energy Yield Calculations and Hardware Development for Fusion Propulsion Research Utilizing Charger 1

Dr. Carmen Scholz, Dr. Ramon Cerro

Chemical & Material Engineering

High Throughput Protein Production through Affinity Chromatography