1. Be aware that any work, discovery, or research you perform may have the potential for commercialization.
  2. To protect your intellectual property (IP) and its potential for commercialization, do not discuss it outside of work. Even a casual conversation can be ruled as public disclosure. Definitely do not post updates about your innovation on social media.
  3. Premature publication or any public disclosure can jeopardize your chance of filing for IP protection, with its subsequent recognition and potential monetary compensation for your innovation. Click on this link for a guide to IP disclosure timing.
  4. If you have questions as to whether your innovation would benefit from IP protection, request an IP Disclosure Form (IDF) from Kannan Grant at the UAH Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC).
  5. Copyright protection is acquired quickly. Patent applications take years to process. Click on this link to view the patent process.
  6. Keep detailed laboratory notebooks to document your data and the continuous progress on your innovation. Click on this link to view procedures for maintaining lab notebooks.
  7. Protection of IP is not sought or granted for every innovation. Before initiating patent prosecution, UAH evaluates each innovation based on strategic business decisions. Is there a market for your invention? Is a potential market large enough to recoup the costs of patenting, marketing, and producing your invention? These and other issues must be explored prior to IP protection decisions. Click on this link for a guide to IP protection mechanisms.
  8. Any innovation developed during your employment with UAH is assigned to the University. If your innovation is brought to market, as inventor the patent will be filed in your name and you will receive a percentage of royalties. Click on this link for the UAH Patent Policy.