Web-Based Mobile Technology Application for Healthcare Providers in Transplant Care

UAH-C-11003-Mobile Apps Organ Transplant

Docket: UAH-C-11003


Caretakers of transplant patients usually interact via a network system of colleagues where ideas and best practices are shared. However, this conventional approach does not uniformly document or catalog shared experiences, practices, and ideas, which leads to unnecessary repetition in discussions and forums.

Researchers at UAH have developed a web-based mobile technology application for transplant healthcare professionals that provides a rapid, accurate source of communication, collaboration, and education for transplant professionals.

By utilizing a mobile application to address these issues, practitioners and student nurses will be able to access an organized repository of knowledge, a rapid method of communication, and features including medical calculators.


  • Information portal for transplant practitioners
  • Discussion forum for pharmaceutical companies and caretakers


  • Fast and immediate access to cataloged transplant information
  • Constantly updated with valid and reliable content
  • Rapid access to multiple transplantation calculators
  • Compatibility with different Smartphone platforms
  • Reduced medication and communication errors
  • Improved patient care and clinical benefits


  • State of Development: Proprietary
  • Copyright Status: Copyrighted