Integrated Valve with Flow Rate and Flow Path Control For Multiple Fields

Integrated Valve with Flow Rate and Flow Path Control For Multiple Fields

Docket: UAH-P-15011


The control of flow is important in many operations, but current valves are not always reliable for complex flow sequences or special fluids, such as cryogenics, slurries, etc. Numerous valves are required for multiple flow paths, and it is difficult to maintain required flow rate sequencing in multiple-valve systems.

Researchers at UAH have developed a valve design that improves performance, capability, and cost. This configuration allows control of liquid and gas flow with variations in flow rate as well as the ability to switch flows for numerous input and output paths with multiple liquids and/or gases. The valve is capable of in situ part replacement and repair, which no other valve can currently do. It also allows rapid flow control, especially flow switching, with valve components moving at relatively low speeds, which reduces the need for high forces and acceleration rates. The valve can be completely sealed with passive seals instead of dynamic seals, which greatly reduces the risk of leakage. It also consists of relatively few parts that can be easily manufactured with conventional fabrication tools.

This valve design ensures a prescribed flow rate with no unwanted flow or pressure variations. It allows for complex sequences of flows without the need for numerous individual valves with complex control systems. It can be easily reconfigured, and it can rotate slowly to reduce friction and wear.


  • Aerospace
  • Refining
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Domestic water systems
  • Pharmaceutical processes


  • Versatile flow path control
  • In-situ replacement of all components and the entire valve
  • Versatile flow rate control
  • Total passive sealing, with no external leak paths through dynamic seals
  • Low cost


  • State of Development: Prototype
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Proprietary