Carbon Fiber Manufactured Via Ionic Liquid Process

Carbon Fiber Manufactured Via Ionic Liquid Process

Docket: UAH-P-07004


Researchers at UAH have developed carbon fiber from Ionic Liquid (IL) processes. At least four IL compounds, such as cellulose solvents, BMIM and EMIM acetate ionic liquids, were tried and all were successful to make carbon fiber. In this process, ionic liquid-derived rayon is made, and is then converted to carbon fiber.

This process allows the manufacturing of rayon-based carbon fiber in the United States. Current rayon-based carbon fiber ceased to be made in the US due to Environmental Protection Agency restrictions.

Carbon fiber made from rayon has the best properties for rocket nozzle fabrication and as a hot-structure in spacecraft construction that forms part of the thermal protection system.

There is no other known process competitive to this process in terms of low cost and mass production of structural carbon fiber.


  • Aircraft structural body
  • Rocket nozzles
  • Heat shields


  • IL-made rayon can be used to make carbon fibers using current standard heating technologies
  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency restrictions.
  • Mass-producible
  • Cost effective
  • Low-temperature process


  • State of Development: Prototype
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Patent Pending