Non-Intrusive X-ray Imaging System for Mammograms and Other Medical Applications

UAH-P-13018-Non-Intrusive X-ray Imaging System for Mammograms and Other Medical Applications

Docket: UAH-P-13018


X-ray mammography is the primary method used today for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer. It is currently the most effective means of detecting early stage tumors, enabling a more timely intervention and decreased patient risk. Though effective, the current mammogram procedure is inconvenient, can be uncomfortable for the patient, and may provide a higher risk of false negative results. If multiple procedures are needed, the level of radiation exposure is substantially increased, potentially putting the patient at greater risk.

Researchers at UAH have developed a patient-friendly, non-intrusive imaging system for conducting mammograms. The system allows greater patient convenience and comfort and may be easily adjusted to enable images whether the patient is sitting, standing, or lying down. Using imaging and X-ray emitting subsystems, the unit records two 2-D images and constructs one 3-D image while minimizing radiation exposure. This will provide doctors with higher-quality images, leading to more accurate early detection and better care for the patient.


  • Medical imaging
  • Tumor detection and diagnosis


  • Better cancer detection
  • More user- and patient-friendly than current methods
  • Less intrusive
  • Higher image resolution – spatial and spectral
  • Three-dimensional representation
  • Less expensive than MRI


  • State of Development: Proof of concept
  • Licensing Status: Available for licensing
  • Patent Status: Patent Pending