Cross-Department Consulting Agreement (CDCA), can be issued to a UAH employee only if the employee resides in a department/center other than that of the PI issuing the agreement. The Principal Investigator must complete a CDCA in accordance with instructions noted. In addition to the documents required, the UAH employee/consultant must complete a Request for Permission to Engage in Professional Activities for Additional Compensation form. This form must be signed by the UAH employee, Department Chair, Dean, Center Director and, if applicable, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

UAH employees/consultant cannot be issued a letter subcontract. The rate of pay can be no more than the employee's actual rate of pay.


Payments to UAH employees as consultants must go through the University's payroll system. Therefore, the following procedures have been established to ensure the employee/consultant is paid correctly and in a timely manner, and the appropriate research account is charged.

Once a fully executed agreement is in place, the employee/consultant must submit to the requesting department/center, an invoice in accordance with Exhibit C. The requesting department/center must complete the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and the Bi-weekly Labor and Leave Report (BLLR) in accordance with the invoice.

The requesting department/center will complete a PAF. The PAF can be submitted either bi-weekly or monthly. If submitted monthly, it must cover those days falling within the pay periods for that month. In addition, a BLLR must be completed for each pay period in that month.

The employee/consultant position number is a "generic" number, which must be obtained through Human Resources, by the requesting department. This is not the employee's normal position number. The requesting department must complete the employee/consultant's BLLR and prepare a PAF every 2-4 weeks based on the BLLR and the invoice .

The "generic" position number is not individual specific. This number can be used for all cross-department consultant agreements issued to UAH employees by the requesting department.

Action Code is always "A"
Title/Rank is always "Consultant"
Position number is the "generic" number obtained from Human Resources
Pay Rate is the total amount due for that period. Note: add the statement "one time only pay" and the # of hours times the hourly rate for this PAF .

The hourly rate is noted in the agreement. The hourly rate does not include fringe benefits, since these will be charged directly to the appropriate research account noted on the BLLR, under account code 6128.

The effective/end date will always be the period for which the employee/consultant is requesting payment. These dates must match the dates noted on the BLLR and the invoice. The employee/consultant and Principal Investigator must sign the PAF and BLLR.

Note: if submitting PAF once a month, a BLLR must be completed for each pay period falling within that month.

Check only the PAR (Sponsored Programs) and Current Pay Period Labor (Payroll) blocks.

Complete the employee/consultant payroll information.

The 10-digit account number is the org or cost share account responsible for paying the consultant. The account code will always be "6128".

The employee/consultant, Principal Investigator and the Budget Analysis if other than the Principal Investigator must sign this form.

The employee/consultant must include the rate of pay, period of performance, number of hours and total due for the invoice period. This information must match the pay information on both the PAF and BLLR. The employee/consultant must sign, date and add SSN.

The requesting department/center must submit the original invoice and BLLR to payroll, and PAF with a copy of the CDCA attached to Human Resources.

If an amendment to the CDCA is required, the amendment must be approved by the OSP.

Please direct questions concerning these procedures to Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, X-2657.