All CSARs to a foreign national for consultant subcontracts will be reviewed/approved by UAH Security and Immigration before processing. Please contact The Office of International Students and Scholars if you have any questions and/or concerns about this process at 824-6078 or 824-3592.


All foreign nationals are required to have a VISA before entrance to the US is granted. Depending on the type of VISA the individual has, whether or not the prime agency will allow foreign nationals to work on the research project and whether or not the individual is granted approval to travel to the US is vital. Brief explanations of VISA types are noted below, however, you must contact Security and Immigrations if you plan to use a foreign national on your research effort.

Type of VISA

Possible Income from US Sources

Eligibility Criteria

Maximum Length of stay in the US

B1 Visitor for Business

Reimbursement for expenses only; no honorarium or salary

Proof of scholarly or business purpose of US visit

Six months at entry; renewable to twelve months

J-1 Exchange Visitor (student)

On-campus fellowship; on and off campus employment based on economic need with sponsor approval; 18 months post completion practical training permitted

Nonresident for five years As long as full time academic progress continues
J-1 Exchange Visitor (Professors and Researchers)

Employment permitted for work on campus; off campus work permit difficult to obtain

University appointment to teach or conduct research; indication of adequate financial support for length of program

Up to three years (extension to four years possible in certain cases)

Note the above list is provided for information purposes only – do not rely on its accuracy, please contact UAH Security and Immigrations for all questions relating to foreign nationals.