Subcontracts may be issued to Individuals Consultants), Universities, and Businesses. UAH undergraduate students may not receive subcontracts. A GRA / GTA may not receive a subcontract while holding a GRA / GTA appointment with the University. A graduate student who does not hold a GRA / GTA appointment can receive a subcontract in some special instances.

An "Authorization to Proceed" letter may be issued prior to submission of the CSAR.

Principal Investigator should submit a completed CSAR to OSP at least two weeks prior to the request start date. This form must have as a minimum the following information:

  • Name of individual or Institution
  • SSN or VISA of Individual (if subcontract is being issued to an individual)
  • Complete mailing address. Note if the subcontract is being issued to an individual, subcontract will not be mailed to the Individual's place of business. We must have a home address.
  • Prime Contract No.
  • Banner research account number. OSP cannot issue a subcontract under a departmental non-research account number; this must be done through the Office of Purchasing Services.
  • Period of Performance. (Award must be in place and active. If not, a risk memo must accompany the CSAR.)
  • Payment Method.
  • Reports/Deliverables, if required, and how often. Note: Final report will normally be required not later than 30 days from the end date of the subcontract, unless otherwise instructed by the PI.
  • Complete Statement of Work (SOW) detailing what the Subcontractor is expected to do under this Subcontract.
  • Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Dean, and/or Center Director's signature.
  • Resume for key individual (Consultant, PI at another institution/business)

If the individual is a UAH Employee/Consultant, payment to UAH employees as consultants must go through the University's payroll system. UAH employees, as consultants, cannot be paid more than their actual UAH salary rate and cannot exceed more than 36 hours per month without prior approval from the Department Chair, Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs. For additional information on cross-departmental consulting with an UAH Employee click on the link above.