1)  Download the word document  "Non-Disclosure Agreement" from the link found at the bottom of this page.
2)  Complete Page 1 (first page) of the NDA document 
     a)  Make sure to complete the first page
          i)  Agreement conditions  
         ii)  Company contact information  
        iii)  UAH information  (POC)  
     b)  Save this as a Word Document  
3)  Send Word Document to OSP to assign an NDA number.     
     a)  Gloria Greene:   greeneg@uah.edu  
     b)  Do not send to the company until you receive an NDA Number  
          i)  This is similar to a Proposal Number  (e.g.  NDA 2019-XXX)  
4)  Once an NDA number is assigned, send to Company for completion of the document.