Principal InvestigatorProposal TitleCenter/ College
Beal, Aubrey Natually Compressive Noise Sonar using Solvable Chaos for Multi-user Applications ECE
Bruzek, Jennifer Teaching Young Children How to Approach Dogs Safely Using Behavioral Skills Training Education
Culumber, Zachary Conserving Biodiversity by Understanding Animal Personality Biological Science
Lawan, Ahmed Regulation of Hepatic Cholesterol Metabolism by MAP Kinase Phosphatases Biological Science
Ma, Rui Leveraging Shared Rides to Relieve Commuting Traffic Congestion by Applying a Guidance Strategy to the Ridesharing Travelers CEE
Tenhundfeld, Nathan Robot Design Impacts on High Risk Environment Use Psychology
Torres Diaz, Isaac Magnetic Assembly of Anisotropic Binary Colloidal Superstructures CME
Zou, Ying Heating of Terrestrial Ionospheric Ions by Auroral Borealis CSPAR