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Principal Investigator

College/Center or Department

Proposal Title

Susan Alexander

College of Nursing

Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Address the Public Health Impact of Air Quality Changes in Alabama

Junpeng Guo

College of Engineering

Light Trapping in Gold Nanotrenches for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced Biochemical Sensor

Anusree Mukherjee

College of Science

Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts for Production of H2 using Light

Udaysankar Nair

Atmospheric Science

Coupled Human-Natural System Approach for Urban Studies

Jeffrey Neuschatz

College of Arts, Humanities,and Social Sciences   

Eyewitness Identification Confidence

Sarma Rani

Propulsion Research Center

Spatial and Orientational Dynamics of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulent Flows through Heterogeneous CPU+GPU Supercomputing

Seyed Sadeghi

College of Science

Metal-oxide plasmonic metastructures: Making semiconductor quantum dots super-fluorescent using hot electrons and exciton-plasmon coupling