There are multiple reasons you may choose to add a device to Duo. Some examples include:

  • Adding a secondary device in case your primary device is unavailable
  • Adding an additional method of authentication (eg. Touch ID or Hardware token)
  • Replacing an old mobile phone with a new mobile phone that has a different number

If your new mobile phone has the same number as your previous mobile phone and you are using the Duo Mobile app, follow the instructions in the related article How do I set up a new phone with Duo?

  1. On a computer, open a Private/Incognito tab in your browser. Learn how to open Private/Incognito tabs here
  2. Navigate to
  3. You'll see the normal Duo prompt to log in. Don't complete the MFA request - instead, click Other options
  4. On the Other options to log in screen, click Manage devices at the bottom
  5. You'll be prompted to verify your identity. If you do not have access to the devices listed for verification, contact the OIT Help Desk to receive a bypass code. They will need to confirm your identity
  6. After completing verification, you'll automatically be redirected to the devices page. If you are not automatically redirected, you can also click devices page...
  7. Here you'll see a list of your devices. Click Add a device.
  8. Select the authentication method you want to add, OIT recommends choosing Duo Mobile as your go-to authentication option
  9. Follow the prompts to complete setup of your new authentication option.

How do I delete old devices?

Once you add a second device, you will have the option to delete a device. To delete one of your devices, navigate to the devices page (Steps 1-8 above). Click the pencil icon on the device you want to delete, then click Delete

Still having trouble?

Contact the OIT Help Desk by emailing or calling 256.824.3333.