Let’s add a secondary device in case your primary device is unavailable.

Follow these steps below, and contact the OIT Help Desk with any questions.

Step 1 - Login & Access Settings

On a computer, visit http://mfa.uah.edu and login with your Charger ID and password. You will be directed to a Duo authentication prompt. Click My Settings & Devices.

*Note: The screenshot below was made with “Automatically send this device a Duo Push” selected. You can click Add a new device before you respond to the prompt on your mobile device.

Visual Representation of Login & Access Settings Screen


Step 2 - Confirm

Before enrolling a new device, Duo will need to confirm that you are an authorized user. Duo can call you if you have an additional number in the system (such as a landline) or you can use a bypass code obtained via text message. You can also respond to a push sent through the Duo app.


Visual Representation of Add New Device Screen


Step 3 - Add Another Device

Once you have verified your identity, you will be presented with this screen where you can click Add a new device. Select the type of device that you wish to add and click Continue. For this example, we choose a landline.


Visual Representation of What Type of Device Are You Adding Screen


Step 4 - Enter Phone Number

Enter the landline (such as an office phone) number and check the box to verify it is correct.


Visual Representation of Enter Phone Number Screen


Step 5 - Verify Settings

You are ready to use Duo on this additional device!


Visual Representation of Verify Settings Screen