counterfeit multi-vectored-approachAnti-Counterfeit and Anti-Contraband Solutions Research

The infiltration of counterfeit parts into the supply chain is a pervasive problem that often endangers unsuspecting consumers. Aerospace and Defense supply chains are not immune to this risk as the issue cuts across multiple industries, impacts low and high volume products and affects both low-tech and high-tech supply chains. The counterfeit problem is dynamic in that the counterfeit methods are ever evolving and new solutions are continually needed.

The anti-counterfeiting, anti-contraband work by OEIS researchers is directed at a multi-pronged approach to achieve material and parts assurance and counterfeit protection in government supply chains.

Our multi-vectored approach integrates three legs:

  • Trusted supplier programs
  • Discovering and implementing anti-counterfeiting technologies
  • Electronic digital pedigrees (ePedigrees)


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