OEHS Chemical Safety

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The chemical laboratory environment can be a hazardous place to work. The following links provide guidelines and procedures found in the Laboratory Safety Manual and other UAH environmental health and safety manuals relevant to chemical laboratory safety.

Laboratory safety is accomplished with a variety of guidelines and procedures.  The methods employed during the implementation of these is most often: (1) implementation of engineering and work practice controls, (2) use of personnel protective equipment and (3) training.

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Resistance in Laboratories

Safety Data Sheets

University and Research Laboratory Accidents


New Lab Start-up Notice

Lab Door Emergency Sign

UAH Chemical Waste Inventory Form 

UAH Chemical Inventory Form 

Laboratory Waste Label 

Student Lab Safety Agreement  

Lab Emergency Plan Template 

Guidelines for Minors in Labs and Parental Consent Form

Safety Data Sheet Lab Sign



 Chemical Hygiene Plan Lab Specific Template Nanomaterials Safety Manual
 Chemical Hygiene Plan Lab Safety Manual 2013
 Lab PPE 2013



Glassware Management Unattended and After Hours Experiment1
Guidelines for Maximizing Fume Hood Use Electrical safety
Chemical Inventories and Labeling HF User Guidelines_2013
EPA Chemical Segregation Chart Glove Selection Guidelines
Chemical Waste Management Guidelines   Potentially Explosive Materials Management
Peroxide Former Management   Laboratory Coat Guidelines_2013
 Identifying and Evaluating Hazards


Safety Responsibilities


Laboratory Workers Responsibilities Lab Supervisor EHS Responsibilities
PI Safety Responsibilities Chem Safety Responsibilities OEHS
Lab Personnel Safety Responsibilities

Procurement Procedures for Regulated Materials