Dr. Amy LanzNursing is an exciting professional career choice for young adults from high school or for adults who have life experiences that lead them to the profession. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UAH gives students a rich collegiate experience where they can discover new ideas through scientific methods and apply nursing science to improve the health care experiences of people and communities. The College of Nursing is fortunate to have a student body and faculty who are diverse and committed to the core values of the College. We look forward to helping you find out what the College of Nursing has to offer you.

We offer three pathways to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing: a pathway for students who do not hold a nursing license (traditional), a pathway for students who have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), called online RN-BSN and beginning spring 2021, the ADN/BSN Dual Nursing Program

In the pre-licensure pathway, students take general education courses and two nursing courses in the freshman and sophomore years and then apply to the nursing program. Acceptance into the nursing program is competitive; therefore, grades in the freshman and sophomore years (particularly sciences grades) are critical. We offer the Early Promotion into the Nursing Program for high achieving high school graduates. To qualify, students must have a high school GPA of 3.5 and a composite ACT of 28 or higher. Those who meet these criteria, declare nursing as their major, and are admitted to UAH are guaranteed a slot in the nursing program as a freshman as long as they keep a 3.25 in prerequisite nursing courses and make an 80 on the admission assessment test.

In the online RN-BSN pathway, students take nursing courses online. Each nursing course is seven weeks in length. The program can be finished in one calendar year because of the credits from the ADN degree. If students need general education courses that are co-requisites to nursing courses, these can be taken at UAH or transferred to UAH from another college or university.  The ADN/BSN Dual Nursing program is for motivated students who will earn both an associate's degree (community college) and a baccalaureate degree in nursing from UAH.

We welcome your inquiries. Please call Ms. Laura Mann at 256-824-6742 for information about the pre-licensure or ADN/BSN Dual Nursing pathway, or Ms. Savannah Stewart at 256-824-6447 for information about the online RN-BSN pathway.


Amy Lanz, EdD, RN, CNE