Cynthia Spradlin, BSN, DNP


Independence Day 2017 – my day of declaration of independence from the “I wish I could, and I should have” advance my academic credentials as a nursing professional. After much searching to find a program that is ranked nationally, affordable and would accommodate my challenging weekly work-related travel schedule, I applied to the BSN-DNP Administration program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I have already earned my MSN in Administration (August 2018), while advancing through doctoral courses to achieve my DNP by the end of 2020. The faculty and administrative staff have provided the support, influence, encouragement, and straight-talk needed to continue to push towards my goals throughout my academic adventure.

Earning a doctoral degree in nursing was a personal goal. I chose healthcare, and nursing specifically, through the consumer route – my sons experienced catastrophic health events as a newborn and toddler. I had no experience, but learned quickly there are gaps, a brokenness in the systems used to provide care. I wanted to be a part of the solutions to provide extraordinaire care using leading practices, common-sense, compassion, and cutting edge technologies to drive outcomes. In 1997, at 38, divorced with three healthy children, I earned my BSN, with a promise to continue to advance academically, to be a voice at the bedside and administrative decision-making table to advance care, processes, technology-enablers, and outcomes for patients and their families.

My career as a nurse executive management consultant allows me vast opportunities across the US to impact care access and delivery, professional development, and establish integration among clinical disciplines to meet the objectives of the quadruple aim. When colleagues and clients hear I am working towards my DNP, there is a sincere expression of awe. They recognize the level of commitment, challenge, and roll-up-your-sleeves grit it takes to manage career, life, and academia – the definition of a juggling act. The professionals – CEO, COO, CMO, CNO – administrative, clinical leaders and champions, make more room at the decision-making table as a result of the passion and commitment to reach the academic apex of my chosen profession.



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