The English for Academic and Professional Purposes Program (EAPP) offers a multifaceted support system available at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. It serves all three populations at the university: undergraduate students, graduate level students and faculty. Clients may be recommended to our program or come as a self-referral/walk-in.

The EAPP Program uses evidence-based accent modification and reading methods (such as the SQ5R, individualized learning strategies, CAAI, etc.) to support and promote the learners & teachers of our university community. Upon booking the initial appointment, the client is interviewed and assessed for areas of needed support. 45-minute sessions are then booked throughout the semester on a regular basis (once a week or twice a week). The sessions may be one on one meetings or in small groups up to 4 people. Dr. Ryan Cate Gibson is lead instructor for EAPP.


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For Non-native Speakers

  • Accent Modification
  • Language Accuracy
  • Cross-cultural Topics in Learning & Education
  • Thesis & Dissertation Presentation

**Non-native speakers can also apply any of the needed areas from the Native Speakers area below to their Individualized EAPP Program Plan**

For Native Speakers

  • Mindfulness & Anxiety Release Techniques
  • Improving Literacies (including but not limited to: comprehension of material, retention of information & application of knowledge, professional behavioral applications)
  • Study Skills
  • Planning Skills (setting challenging yet realistic goals)
  • Building Relationships with classmates & Instructors

Reading is the foundation of learning: Learn to Read then Read to Learn

Contact Information

The EAPP office is located in NUR 112C. To make an appointment either send an email to or schedule an appointment online.