We at the NMDC recognize that intellectual property and ITAR restrictions are extremely important when working in a user facility. Thus we offer three approaches for operating at our laboratory. 

Standard User Agreement

  • The Principle Investigator (PI) pays a user fee and to have his/her staff trained by the NMDC to operate equipment and use facility. Intellectual property is maintained by the PI provided he/she does not develop a process that could only be completed at NMDC due to unique equipment tooling.
  • In some cases the PI may wish to install a small safe within the cleanroom to protect IP in his/her absence. Similarly, operational privacy agreements may be negotiated, provided they do not interfere with other academic or research programs.

Collaborative User Agreement

  • The PI may wish to collaborate with faculty and/or staff of the NMDC to complete a project. Intellectual property will be shared for collaborative efforts based on individual contribution.
  • A cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) will be required prior to initiating work.

Individual Faculty Agreement

  • The PI may establish a CRADA with a UAH faculty member and his/her graduate students to complete a project. In this case, the individual faculty member should complete the Project Application. Said faculty member will then monitor the performance of a graduate student who will complete work within the NMDC.

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