There are two ways to print in the library:

  1. The computers in the Info Arcade (see our guide on printing for more information).
  2. Charger Prints (see more about Charger Prints)

If you are using our library computers, some notes: 

Printing through the Info Arcade

The price of printing per page is

  • Black & White: $0.10
  • Color: $0.30

You are charged by the printer to which you send the document. This means if you send a grayscale document to the color printer, you will still be charged $0.30 a page. 

Also, you use the FLEX Account accessed via their Charger Cards for payment. Public Users use their assigned Guest Pass for payment. This money has to be on the account before the print job can be released. If you need to place money on the account,  you may add money via cash only here in the library through a VTS machine located near the photocopier. If you need cash, there is an ATM near it.  Students may also go through the bursar's office if they need to add money to their FLEX through some other means.

Computers in the Info Arcade [the computer lab on the first floor of the library, past the lobby] have direct access to the printers. When you send a document to the printer, choose the printer you would like. LIB BW PRT1 and LIB BW PRT2 are the black and white printers and cost $0.10 a page. LIB Color PRT1 and LIB Color PRT2 are the color printers and cost $0.30 a page. Which printer you choose determines the cost. After you choose a printer and hit the print button, a box will pop up that will ask you to enter your "User ID". You can enter your A-# or Guest-# here. Then it will confirm your print costs. Click "Ok" and it will give you a final confirmation window. If you have not gotten the cost confirmation screen, then the printer has not received your document.



Whatever you enter, when you go the print terminal you will enter it again. Do not simply swipe your card. The number on the back of the card does not automatically match up with your A-# and so it will return "No Jobs Found'. 

Choose the files you want to print (or select all) and then hit the print button. Choose to pay through the top option, and then swipe your card.