Coming soon to UAH!

Charger Prints is our campus wide printing system powered by Wēpa. It expands your options to print by allowing you to print from your computer, from your device, from your cloud storage, or through a convenient web app (with more options coming soon!). You can pick up your prints from any of several locations around campus (including a Charger Prints kiosk in the library). 

Ways to Print

wepa options



Download the Wēpa drivers to your computer and install. Then all you have to do is choose Wēpa as your printer while printing the document. You can then pick up the document at a Charger Prints Kiosk.


Go to the Wēpa kiosk you prefer and then log into your cloud storage through the kiosk to select a document for printing. 


Go to, and from there you can upload your documents and choose "send to Wēpa". 


You can install the Wēpa app for iOS or the Wēpa app for Android and then open the app, chose your school, and submit a print job to be picked up at a Charger Prints Kiosk.


Using the email tied to your Wēpa account, email your documents to


Insert your USB device at any Charger Prints Kiosk and choose the document for printing. 

Cost to Print

  • $0.09 per page, Black and White
  • $0.16 per double-sided page, Black and White
  • $0.36 per page, Color
  • $0.69 per double-sided page, Color

Ways to Pay

Charger Prints Kiosks will accept Flex Dollars, Wēpa account, and Credit/Debit Card.