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April 9, 2015. 12:00pm - 12:45pm. Salmon Library 214.

Conducting effective research is really about more than just finding relevant materials; what separates the sufficient searcher from the refined researcher is the ability to evaluate those materials. You may not just want any article addressing a given topic but the best; a sense of what research, publication, or scholar is making major contributions to your area of interest. Well, we can help with that! Salmon Library provides access to tools like Scopus and JCR that empower your research process by gathering data such as citation counts and impact factors and showing you how articles actually fit into their field. Michael Manasco (michael.manasco@uah.edu) and Ron Schwertfeger (ron.schwertfeger@uah.edu) will highlight the tools at our disposal and how to integrate them into your own research process!

This talk is open to all! Of especial use to faculty and students seeking publication or wanting to understand how their previously published works fit into the field as a whole. 


This talk is part of our Spring 2015 Refined Researcher series. For other talks in the series, see this flyer:


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