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April 2nd. 5:30pm - 6:30pm. Salmon Library room 111.

Many an article wants us to fear the imminent end of the book. Are we in the final days of literacy? No, of course not; rumors about the death of reading have been highly exaggerated. However...things are likely to get complicated.

This talk will look at the history and future of the book, examine the act of reading itself, and go into the disruptive nature of information technology (its destructive quality has been perhaps overstated). Doug will explain how we are in the awkward teen stage of the digital text and include a discussion about the deceptively simple question, "What is a book?"

Want some examples of questions that will be dealt with? See the blog post, Five questions to be tackled with the upcoming talk: Welcome to the Future History of the Book.

This talk is open to all!

Anyone with questions can feel free to contact Doug Bolden at doug.bolden@uah.edu.




This talk is part of our Spring 2015 Refined Researcher series. For other talks in the series, see this flyer:


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