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You can see the complete presentation and some additional files on the blog post about it.


February 3, 2015. 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Library Room 111.



What does that symbol mean? Copyright has a cousin, Copyleft, a collection of ideals dedicated to legally, and often freely, spreading information and technology by reducing the barriers that traditional models might impose. Some allow any re-use. Others allow re-use in special circumstances.

In his talk, Doug will look back through copyleft history from Richard Stallman's GNU General Public License on through Creative Commons and how copyleft compares to copyright and to piracy. He will tell you how to find copyleft material and how to release your own works through copyleft. He will also talk about other, related, models such as open-access.

This talk is open to all! The target audience is anyone interested in copyleft ideals or intellectual property law.

No reservation necessary, but it will be helpful to contact Doug at doug.bolden@uah.edu or by filling out the event form at http://goo.gl/UfZdKp.

For those interested in seeing the "part 1" of this talk, Doug gave a talk on Copyright in Fall 2014. You can read about it at our blog: Classroom Copyright Caper – Slides and Workshop Highlights (Refined Researchers Series).