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January 27, 2015. 5:30pm to 6:15pm. Library Room 214.

Company research is a vital skill for anyone to know: want to know more about a company before working there?, want to learn more about a company's finances before investing in them?, curious what competition waits right around the corner?

Much of this information is available for free on the open-web: all you need to know is where to look! Seth will walk you through just that - where to look at what you can find. This workshop will teach you the tools you need to start doing your own business and company research from anywhere with an internet connection. Sources taught will help you to find company reports, financial filings, government information about companies, and more.

Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Guests are all invited to attend. TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who would like to know about business research.

No reservation necessary, but it will be helpful to contact Seth at Seth.Porter@uah.edu or at (256)824-6130.