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Business information retrieval is an important part of corporate due diligence and the deep web is a critical source for this information. The deep web is the internet that has not been indexed by commercial search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. These search engines send out crawlers or spiders to index and catalog available web sites, but the vast majority of the internet, 500X the surface net, includes many of the best resources which are not indexed by these search engines. Such as:

  • Unlinked pages: Spiders can’t find web pages that are not linked to others.
  • Private intranets and web pages, password protected and more.
  • Non HTML content: e.g., content rich, lots of different file type
  • Library & Government Databases

These resources are a gold mine for business information retrieval. This workshop will focus on how and where to find the best company and industry information through these resources.

As part of our Refined Researchers series, Seth Porter will be hosting a class about how to use these business resources to get the data you need. This class will be in Library room 214, on October 23, from 2:00pm to 2:45pm.

Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Guests are all invited to attend. TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who would like to know about business research.

No reservation necessary, but it will be helpful to contact Seth at Seth.Porter@uah.edu or at (256)824-6130.

Want to know more about the Refined Researcher workshop series or the subjects being covered? See our blog post, Come and join us for our new Refined Researchers workshops, open to all! Or the flyer below might shed some light. Feel free to print it out and share it.