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Lovecraft's fiction depicted knowledge as the gateway to doom. Many a cheap b-flick science horror also described cutting edge science as the potential end of humanity. Yet, Lovecraft was notably pro-science, and a lot of the science fiction writers dabbling in horror were likewise pro-science and actively engaging in the benefits of the 20th century scientific advancements. What is the disconnect? How did the nuclear fears inspired by the Cold War contribute? What about the atrocities of World War I? Where did the Mad Scientist trope from The Outer Limits and E.C.'s pulp comics come from? What went into the strange love-hate relationship between science and science-horror? 


As part of our Refined Researchers series, Doug Bolden will be hosting an open class on 20th century science horror and how it both was an ode to science and a warning. This class will be in Library room 111, on October 21, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. 

Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Guests are all invited to attend. TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone interested in 20th century horror, depictions of science in popular and pulp fiction, or science-fiction/horror.

By the way, there will be Halloween candy and there will be door prizes! Those who attend have a chance to win a volume of Lovecraft's complete fiction or a custom READ poster. 


No reservation necessary, but it will be helpful to contact Doug at doug.bolden@uah.edu or at (256)824-6529. Or, if you have a Google Account,  you can fill out the event's Google Event page

Want to know more about the Refined Researcher workshop series or the subjects being covered? See our blog post, Come and join us for our new Refined Researchers workshops, open to all! Or the flyer below might shed some light. Feel free to print it out and share it.