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Attorneys from the Office of Counsel periodically present seminars and workshops, both for campus audiences and externally, on legal topics of current concern.  As a service to UAH personnel the outlines/handouts from several recent seminars have been posted and may be accessed by clicking on the respective titles listed below.

NOTE:  Those titles below with "PP" in parentheses are Power Point presentations that may be viewed within the browser by Internet Explorer and Netscape users with version 3.0 or higher.  
Titles Presenter Dates of Seminars
FAR/DFARS Matrix (Excel) John Cates April 2015
Employee Occupational Injury Policy (PP) Bob Rieder September 2012
Employment Issues (PP) Bob Rieder January 2012
Disruptive Students (PP) Bill Woodward January 2012
Troublesome Contract Clauses (PP) John Cates August 2011
Contracting Authority (PP) Bob Rieder August 2011
Practical Contracting (PP) Bill Woodward August 2011
Sexual Harassment (PP) John Cates January 2010
Electronic Data Discovery (PP) Bill Woodward March 2009
Employee Occupational Injury (PP) Bob Rieder May 2007
Family and Medical Leave Overview (PP) Bill Woodward May 2007
Title VI Settlement (Knight v. Alabama) (PP) Bob Rieder February/March 2007
Graduate Student Dismissals (PP) Bob Rieder April 2007
Dealing with Disruptive Students (PP) Bob Rieder December 2006
Litigation (PP) John Cates December 2006
UAH Vehicles, Safety, and Insurance (PP) Bob Rieder March 2005
Contract Seminar (PP) Bill Woodward March 2005
Discrimination/Harassment Policy and Procedures (PP) Bob Rieder November 2003
The Retaliation Claim (PP) Bob Rieder May 2001/November 2003
Sexual Harassment in the University Environment (PP) Mike Spearing April 2000/November 2003
Legal Challenges Facing State Colleges and Universities Bob Rieder July 1999
Age Discrimination in Employment Act Bob Rieder April 1996
Fair Labor Standards Act Mike Spearing April 1996
Family and Medical Leave Act Bill Woodward April 1996