The Integrated Product Team Project was created to fill a crucial gap in engineering education.

In the current paradigm, engineering students are stuffed with mathematics and engineering theory without explaining why the information they are learning is important and useful. Engineering students with great potential leave the program, and those students that remain develop blinders that damage their ability to work in a team when they graduate.

IPT creates world class engineers capable of transitioning seamlessly into the outside world.

To accomplish this goal, we identified five key skills that engineering students can use to smooth the transition into their professional career.

1. Application of engineering discipline

Engineering programs have an unacceptably high rate of attrition during the freshman and sophomore years. The problem isn’t that students can’t do the work, it’s that nobody is explaining why that work is important. IPT shows students how to utilize engineering know-how to actually get something done.

2. Effective communications

The ability to develop ideas is useless without the ability to communicate those ideas to other people comfortably.

3. Systems thinking

4. Real-world design challenges

5. Functioning in a team environment