Bringing the real world into the classroom


comp-thumbReal-world Experience

In IPT, students learn how to apply engineering principles to the same problems they'll be asked to solve in industry, using the same techniques and creating the same deliverables as a professional engineering team.


Students in IPT are drawn from various departments at UAH and from high schools and colleges around the world. IPT teaches people with varied backgrounds to work as a team toward a common goal.


As part of IPT, participants receive mentoring from top scientists and engineers in a range of disciplines. IPT teams also work closely with high school students, passing on their knowledge and love for learning.

What is IPT?

Integrated Product Team (IPT) is a multidisciplinary, multi-university, multi-level project whose goal is to provide the opportunity for high school and undergraduate scientists and engineers to translate stakeholder needs and requirements into viable engineering designs in a team environment. The core of the project is a two-semester senior design class where undergraduate students from UAH and other partners form competitive teams to develop system concepts of interest to NASA and the aerospace community.

Partners and Sponsors

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