If you create the Schedule of Classes for your department, college, or program, follow this step-by-step guide to schedule classes:

  1. Review deadline information

    Check the current Publication Schedule to become familiar with department deadlines for submitting the Schedule of Classes materials for upcoming semesters.

  2. Gather information needed for the schedule

    Consult with your faculty of department chair regarding course offerings for the term. You have been provided with a copy of the previous term's schedule as a guideline. Make sure each class is in an approved class period, or that the start time matches an approved class period.

  3. Fill in the Scheduling Template file

    The scheduling office will email the Scheduling Template to departments (for dates, see the Publication Schedule). Fill in the data accordingly. Note: Only the Scheduling Template format will be accepted. Any other format will be sent back for correction. If you are unsure of what information is required, refer to the Scheduling Reference Guide.

    Once finished, email the template to the Scheduling Office academicscheduling@uah.edu by the date specified on the Publication Schedule.

  4. Make changes after publication

    All changes made after the scheduling template is received must be made the the Schedule Adjustment Form. This form will require you to log in with your UAH email credentials. Most changes will be made the same business day the form was submitted.