Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Masaaki Suzuki entered the ILC Program in May 2012. After finishing language classes he plans to study mechanical engineering, and he is particularly interested in the mechanics of space exploration. During his second semester of ILC Masaaki decided to join the Space Hardware Club for UAH students. He shares these encouraging words with English language learners about the important role of proactive participation in building personal confidence:

I am Masaaki Suzuki, and I’m from Tokyo, Japan.

Sometimes I can't say what I really want to say in English. However, we have only one way to make our decision to study abroad successful, and that is "Get out of your comfort zone." This is my favorite phrase.

One of the reasons I came to this college all the way from Japan is because of rockets and everything related to aerospace, and the SHC (Space Hardware Club) works on serious projects. The club has four types of activities: CHARGERSAT, BALLOONSAT, Lunabotics, and CanSat.

I started to go to this club in September 2012. I'm currently working on the CanSat project. We just started to work on this project, and therefore I have no idea what it is going to be like. However, I am pretty sure that it will be fun.

I am at a disadvantage because English is not my native language; however, I will never give up trying. Continuing to try is the only thing that enables us to succeed in reaching our goals. In the real world English is spoken across many countries. All countries are being globalized and the necessity of learning English is becoming more important.

My passion to become an astronaut motivated me to get involved with this club without hesitation. I can understand struggle, because I have been experiencing struggle since I came here. Don’t hesitate to try things that you would like to do, because you might miss good opportunities.

Masaaki Suzuki
UAH Student

Masaaki Suzuki (Right), Bin Chen (Center) and Sihan Wu (Left) pose as astronauts at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

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