Kaun Collins

The Invention to Innovation Center (I2C) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) today announced the addition of Dr. Kuan Collins to its Mentor.Live (M.L.) program.

Launched in September 2019, the M.L. program aims at connecting experienced entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts and business professionals with promising mentees located in or associated with the I²C, and provides a relationship-driven framework that secures the mentee’s development while giving mentors and mentees the freedom to carry out the mentorship the way they prefer.

The M.L. roster currently consists of 19 individuals who bring tremendous insight and strategic support to I2C’s entrepreneurial community.

"We could not be happier on our engagement with the M.L. mentors. Each individual has contributed to our success specifically in strengthening our eco-system as well as serving as community ambassadors for the center. We are incredibly fortunate to include Kuan in this group. With 23 years’ combined experience in industry and academia (SAIC, The Austin Forum on Technology & Society, Capital Factory – Austin and University of Maryland) she brings tremendous bandwidth in areas of digital transformation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented analytics," said Rigved Joshi, Director, I²C. "Her expertise in harnessing innovation, collaboration and creativity will serve our entrepreneurial community well. Additionally, Kuan’s relentless efforts in helping startups understand how to do business with System Integrators, and the Federal Government will serve as a huge asset to our companies who are looking to scale that vertical," he said.

"I am excited to join the I2C mentor program as this is a big step towards partnering with the Huntsville innovation ecosystem. Supporting innovation-driven ecosystems, like the I2C, is a critical priority for the US government. We are facing rapidly changing priorities and challenges, including the global pandemic, economic disruption, commercial space operations, civil unrest, and a bewildering tsunami of new technologies. With increasingly higher expectations from customers to deliver digital services at the same speed and user experience that they see in the private sector, this demands relentless innovation with both velocity and security that meets USG requirements," said Dr. Collins. "It is essential to shift to a "together is better" mindset inter- and intra- organizationally and collaborate across all technology and organizational domains to create a seamless and connected innovation ecosystem to fuel and maintain a culture of innovation, agility, and adaptability," she said.

The M.L. Program is open to the I2C community. For more information or to apply online, visit https://www.uah.edu/i2c/services/mentoring.


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