Skyfire Consulting (, the most trusted and experienced public safety UAS consulting group, today announced it has opened a new partnership and innovation hub at the I 2 C to more closely align with world-class aeronautic and defense agencies and organizations, and to explore innovative opportunities for the design and manufacturing of drones, as well as training and support of their use.

“We are excited to welcome Skyfire to the I2C ecosystem. The company’s technology and solutions are well proven and successfully implemented across a variety of industry verticals and a wide customer base. We look forward to working with the Skyfire team on strategic initiatives, collaborations and ramping business development opportunities by exploring partnerships with UAH faculty and researchers and leveraging our connections to help them expand their footprint in the state,” said Rigved Joshi, Director of I2C.

As one of the first organizations to place its primary focus on using drones within critical sectors to improve the safety of communities and public safety agencies across the United States, Skyfire, over the past seven years, has helped hundreds of public safety departments launch successful drone programs and become the premier UAS consulting group in the country. Skyfire has continued to evolve within this ever-changing industry and this new office will facilitate new collaborations and innovative solutions to meet the needs of each of its customers and the communities they serve.

“Home to Redstone Arsenal, which has been the center of the U.S. Army’s missile and rocket programs for more than 50 years, the new headquarters for the U.S. Space Command and the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s I²C Invention to Innovation Center, Huntsville is the perfect location for Skyfire to continue our growth,” said Matt Sloane, Skyfire founder and CEO. “This office will allow us to foster new relationships with the FBI, who recently announced their plans to build a one-billion-dollar facility in the area, and others within public safety and flight, as well as staying on the pulse of new and innovative technology in our industry.”

Skyfire has also announced it has set-up offices in Maine, which will focus on R&D and design and manufacturing of custom American-Made drones, Northern Virginia, a hub for federal law enforcement and defense training close to the nation’s capital and has moved into a new headquarters building in Marietta, GA.

Skyfire CEO Matt Sloane recently sat down with Madison Travis on Spark Spotlight—a podcast series featuring the best and brightest companies and mentors at the I 2 C to discuss the company’s journey since 2014 and the exciting news of opening a new partnership and innovation office in Huntsville. Click here to listen to the podcast.

About Skyfire:

Skyfire Consulting is the most trusted and experienced public safety UAV consulting company in the United States. Specializing in pilot training, FAA consulting, SOP development, American- made drone design and manufacturing for public safety agencies, Skyfire is focused on providing solutions to the most complex needs.

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