Madison Travis

Madison Travis

Madison Travis, I2C Social Media Coordinator, will be leading the podcast series which will feature spotlights on companies - specifically their journeys as they build, execute and scale their businesses.

Our inaugural podcast, Investigating Innovation with the I2C, features Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (Intuitive) and their innovation in the Rocket City.

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (Intuitive) is an aerospace engineering and analysis firm headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that provides production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping, and technology management to the Department of Defense, other State and Federal Government agencies, and commercial companies. Their approach couples the latest technology with engineering expertise, analytical proficiency, and keen managerial oversight. From design through production to sustainment, they proudly provide management and technical solutions throughout all phases of the systems life cycle.

Madison recently got the opportunity to sit down with Intuitive 's Mary Scott Hunter to discuss the company's partnership with the I2C. Mary Scott attended the University of Alabama Law School, served in the Air Force where she was a JAG for five years, and now is a Corporate Advisor for Intuitive . She is a woman of many talents, which is why she was selected within her organization to spearhead this partnership with I2C. It is no secret that the entrepreneurs and business professionals within the I2C have extensive backgrounds in a number of fields, making their stories one of the most impactful parts of their journey.

As research and development efforts diversified, Mary Scott states that Intuitive desired to find a place where they could “explore new avenues”. Intuitive has a long, established history here in the Rocket City. They have a reputation for providing exceptional services and for solving hard problems. But the company is equally known for its culture and how they treat their employees. In fact, Intuitive was just recently recognized by Fortune as the #2 Best

Workplace in the country for Women in Small to Medium Businesses. Mary Scott referenced the company's reputation by describing some of the words Intuitive lives by – “committed to respecting the specialized knowledge of our peers”. Although some may see these as just some words on a screen, Mary Scott claims this is something that is seen within Intuitive's daily work culture.

Intuitive's leadership team consistently plays a critical role in encouraging and supporting innovation. From the Internal Research and Development Program to the Creative Incentive Program, employees are encouraged to be creative, think outside the box, and bring new ideas to the table. Mary Scott says these innovation programs allow their employees to express their knowledge, explore their skillset, and push themselves further, truly becoming the “swiss army knives” that the company needs. Being a swiss army knife means being able to “flex”, adapt, and change. As Mary Scott desired to “add more tools to her swiss army knife”, she asked to be challenged in a new way. This led her to where we are today – a new corporate partnership between Intuitive and I2C. Intuitive saw the opportunity and talent within the UAH Invention to Innovation Center, knowing this is a place where they could hone their own wide range of talents and find successful collaboration opportunities.

In May of 2020, Intuitive announced their partnership with I2C through the first Corporate Innovation Hub (iHub) at the center. The Intuitive Innovation Hub (iHub) will serve as a place that inspires breakthroughs in research, specifically their first project - Clarus Viewer. This project is considered a medical product. In this regard, the I2C provides perfect opportunity - when you get into the I2C there is access to resources not only at UAH but also opportunities to explore partnerships with other universities in the UA system. Although the partnership is in its beginning stage, it is clear that the Intuitive iHub space is visible to the community and provides a place for exploration, collaboration, and opportunity. As Mary Scott says, you walk into the I2C and “get a sense of credibility”. We are looking forward to the success to come through the I2C + Intuitive partnership.

If you want to hear more about Intuitive's partnership with I2C, head over to our Podcast, Investigating Innovation with the I2C.

To learn more about the Intuitive + I2C partnership, visit Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation opens Innovation Hub at University of Alabama in Huntsville's Invention to Innovation Center.


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