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All full-time UAH employees have the opportunity to purchase Fitbit devices at reduced rates and to participate in campus-wide and system-wide step challenges. When you set up your new Fitbit device online, you will be prompted to join the UA System Dashboard and your exercise activity will sync automatically. All personal information (height, weight, GPS location) will not be shared with UA System — that information is confidential within your Fitbit consent.

How to Purchase a Fitbit

UAH employees get preferred pricing on all Fitbit devices through the UA System Fitbit Program. Start tracking your fitness in three easy steps:

  1. Visit the storefront at
  2. Enter your Employee ID (A#) as your discount code. Example: A00123456
  3. Purchase the device of your choice.

Employees may purchase up to five devices at a discounted rate from the online storefront.

**You will not be reimbursed for Fitbit purchases made outside of the UA System Fitbit Program online storefront. Discounts will only be available through this storefront.

 How to Order | Link Up Current Device | Mobile Device as a Tracker | Program FAQ’s

UA System Fitbit Program Discounted Pricing


Fitbit DeviceUA System PricingRetailDiscount
Zip $40.95 $59.95 -$19.00
Flex 2 $59.95 $59.95 -
Alta $82.00 $99.95 -$17.95
Alta HR $107.00 $129.95 -$22.95
Alta HR SE $125.50 $149.95 -$24.45
Charge 3 $125.50 $149.95 -$24.45
Charge 3 SE $141.50 $169.95 -$28.45
Versa $164.00 $199.95 -$35.95
Versa SE $188.50 $229.95 -$41.45
Ionic $246.00 299.95 $-53.95
Ionic Adidas $270.50 $329.95 -$59.45

Resale Policies and State Ethics Guidelines

Any University of Alabama in Huntsville employees purchasing Fitbit products through the UA System Fitbit Program are “public employees” subject to the Alabama ethics laws. As such, employees may not resell any Fitbit products purchased through the UA System Fitbit Program for a profit.  Any such sale would be considered using your public position for personal gain, and would be a violation of the Ethics Act. Campus officials will investigate any reports of employees reselling such products for more than they paid for them.  Any employee found to have profited from such sale is subject to being banned from program participation, to workplace discipline, and to being reported to the State Ethics Commission, which can levy criminal charges.