Central Campus (CCH) and Frank Franz (FFH) are home to theme communities, where first-year students can live with peers who share their major or academic interests and take part in special programming related to those interests. The following theme communities are available:


Engineering (CCH): This community is geared towards housing students together that are interested in engineering.


Leadership (CCH): This community promotes leadership opportunities for first-year students of all majors through peer mentoring, academic support programs and career counseling.


Honors (FFH): This community is the oldest theme community at UAH. First-year residents in this community will enjoy specialized classes, connect with upperclassmen mentors, and form study groups with peers who share their academic interests and goals. For more information about the Honors Community, click here.


Health Professions (CCH): This community supports all residents interested in a career in a healthcare-related profession and provides opportunities to engage with health professionals in their field.


Health and Wellness (CCH): This is UAH's newest theme community and supports residents interested in learning how to maintain a healthy living style. This community is paired with the Health and Physical Education Department.


General Interest (CCH and NCH): This community is for first-year students who want to experience everything UAH has to offer. Residents' interests will determine the overall direction of programming.


Interested in living in one of these communities, be sure to check the desired one on your residence hall application!