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  Here's what's coming up in the Honors College: 

Honors College Student Assembly Meeting
Class Registration and Advisement
HCMG Event - Free Tickets!
Find the Honors College on Facebook and Twitter!
Honors Leadership Practicum
Show Your Honors Day - November 20


HCMG Tickets

Would you like to see the Ying Quartet this Friday, November 8 at 7:30 pm?  If so, please pick up your FREE TICKET in the Honors Office!  This concert counts as an outside event for Honors Lecture Series.  One ticket per Honors student.

Honors Leadership Practicum
(HON 200)

The Honors Leadership Practicum, being offered Spring 2014 on Wednesdays from 3:55-5:15pm, will discuss leadership principles among college students and apply them to the Honors Community.  Beth Wilson, Honors College Coordinator, will lead the course.  ANYONE can sign up for the course!

Show Your Honors Day!

The 1st annual "Show Your Honors Day" will be held on Wednesday, November 20!  We are working on some fun activities to increase Honors College visibility on campus so stay tuned!  You can pick up an "Ask Me About the Honors College" button in the Honors Office in MH 336!

Honors College Student Assembly Meeting

 Join the Honors College Student Assembly officers for their bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday, November 6 at 7:00 pm in the Frank Franz MPR.  Ideas for events and feedback from Honors students welcome!

Class Registration and Honors Advisement

Registration starts this week!  If you still have not made an appointment for Honors advisement, please follow this link to do so.  You CAN meet for Honors advisement AFTER registration.

Find the Honors College on Social Media! 

Find the "UAH Honors College" on Facebook and #uahhonors on Twitter!

Contact the Honors Office

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